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Spring Footcare Tips

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Your feet work tireless day in and day out. Often times they are one of the most

under-appreciated parts of the human body.

To help you better understand and appreciate your own feet, here are some of the most interesting facts.

Hammer Toes


A hammer toe is a deformity that causes your toe to bend or curl downward instead of pointing forward. This deformity can affect any toe on your foot. It most often affects the second or third toe. Although a hammer toe may be present at birth, it usually develops over time due to arthritis or wearing ill-fitting shoes, such as tight, pointed heels. In most cases, a hammer toe condition is treatable.


Treatment of Hammer Toe

You can correct a hammer toe caused by inappropriate footwear by wearing properly fitting shoes. If a high arch caused the condition, wearing toe pads or insoles in your shoes can help. These pads work by shifting your toe’s position, which relieves pain and corrects the appearance of your toe.


Treatment of Severe Hammer Toe

If you’re unable to flex your toe, surgery is the only option to restore movement. Surgery can reposition the toe, remove deformed or injured bone, and realign your tendons and joints. Surgery is normally done on an outpatient basis, so you can return home on the day of your surgery.

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Exercises for Hammer Toe

  • Your doctor or physical therapist may be able to suggest more exercises.

  • Gently pull on your toes to stretch the bent joints. For example, if a joint bends up, gently stretch it down. ...

  • Do towel curls. Put a towel flat under your feet and use your toes to crumple it.

  • Do marble pickups.

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